51 days, 16 hours since Mike Brown was killed.


Systematic injustice persists in Ferguson as police arrest protesters and then attempt to use them to coerce protesters.. As @caulkthewagon wrote: “If Ferguson PD is willing to exchange arrestees for crowd movement, then those people haven’t been arrested, they’ve been kidnapped.”

99 more days until Grand Jury deadline.


I’m only sharing tweets for those who are not on twitter and can’t see how passionate and outraged journalists are as they tweet from #Ferguson.

If you are on Twitter, here’s a good roster of people to follow if you want to keep updated.

WTF, Yankistan?!

"being authorized to use lethal force doesn’t, by definition, mean that the force used must ALWAYS result in death, a point which apparently eludes every member of every law enforcement agency in the country"
23 days, 3 hours since Mike Brown was killed.


You know, with all of the horribly racist comments I’ve seen about the ferguson situation by white men and women, and many of them likely conservative christians, I just have one question

Which side would Jesus be defending? The white, over-armed militarized police force using violence to assert their authority? or the low income black community fed up with how they are treated by society?

That is all


I actually feel sick reading this TIME article. I would never think that an esteemed source of media like TIME would actually publish an article that comments on how ”Negrophobia” and the “fear of black people” could be “lethal”.

It’s like nooooo he didn’t shoot an 18yo unarmed boy multiple times because he was racist! He shot him because he had….NEGROPHOBIA!!

This is so surreal.

We’ve reached a point where white people are making up medical terms to dismiss their racism. I’m in disbelief right now.

#Pseudo Journalism


The armored trucks and “war” gear worn by police found in Ferguson serves a purpose, but you would be wrong to believe this purpose is for any real protection. They wear this gear to propagate an image of violent chaos, where the cops are supposedly “good guys who are risking their lives” to protect the people from “violent animalistic behavior”. However this is not the case, the police have done nothing but harass protesters and ignore looters purposely to make things escalate so they can demonize an already grief stricken neighborhood. Ferguson is not a war zone, it is an American community, a community that has every right to peacefully protest the loss of life of a community member that they believe was unlawfully executed by a police officer. All they are demanding is accountability for what happened. Yes this IS a racial issue, stop saying it isn’t, if you are someone who has ever proudly rocked a confederate flag then there is really no place for your voice in this discussion. I get it…many of you are cop sympathizers, authority lovers, blind believers in a justice system that doesn’t really serve anyone but white people and it scares me. Open up your eyes and realize the people of ferguson are not being treated fairly. 65% of Ferguson is black and yet 48 out of 53 Ferguson police officers are white. Shouldn’t the percentage of black cops match the demographics of the community? This is not a coincidence, this is intentional oppression. It’s also not a coincidence that Ferguson’s police chief hangs a confederate flag in the middle of his living room, but I’m sure there will be people who say otherwise…If I offended any of you I’m not even a little bit sorry, that just means you get angry over the wrong things.


… Page spent an hour whining about black people, the LGBT community, FEMA camps, President Obama’s and birth certificate, and an evil plot to institute martial law and rewrite the Constitution. Here are some highlights:

About a minute in, the hate already begins to show as he explains that all men are created equal. “That does not mean affirmative action,” he says.

At around 1:20, he says “We’re all equal. God does not respect persons–so we have no business passing hate crime laws–NONE–because we’re setting aside a group of people special. We got a Supreme Court out of control with the laws on sodomy and that’s what they are. The word gay just means happy. It does not mean ‘wrong.’

At around 3:20, he explains that the Bible is the foundation for the Constitution, adding, “I don’t know what them black little perverts don’t understand down there. But they need me to talk to them. I’ll square them away for you. Take me about a minute.”

At around 15:40, he explains that “There are four sodomites on the Surpreme Court.”

At about 21:30, he explains to the crowd that the public school system is going to place our children in camps, rarely allowing them to return home, as they train our kids to spy on us.

He explains that President Obama is an illegal alien from Kenya at around 26:40. “Now this here is Kenya. I had my own airplane…” He says that he visited because his “undocumented President” is from there. “So I flew to Africa and I went to our undocumented President’s home. He was born in Kenya.”

31 minutes into his rant, he lets his Islamophobia fly. “Do you know how the Muslims take care of you? They cut your head off. Obama is allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to come in ever week…Muslims are passive until they gain parity with you or they exceed you in numbers–and they will kill you.”

At 35:50, he explains that there is “no such thing as an Executive Order.” He says that he left the military because “I’m not going to obey an undocumented President.” He tells the crowd he took two years early retirement because he did not want to obey Obama’s orders.

At 51:45, he says that “The EBT cards are going to shut down. Can you imagine what’s going to happen to North St. Louis and St. Louis County when the EBT cards go down? When the ATM machines don’t work?” Rioting, of course! “When the inner cities start to ignite, people are going to start killing people they don’t like.”

At the end, he was presented with an Oathkeepers badge. “Wouldn’t that look good on his St. Louis County police uniform?” the man asked as he presented the badge.

This is the sort of person interacting with the largely African-American protesters in Ferguson, MO.

Think about that.

Watch: Insane, Violent St. Louis Cop Spews Unhinged Psychotic Rant to Oathkeepers (Video) | Americans Against the Tea Party

My pal AFK, Keef, hipped me

My pal AFK, Keef, hipped me


i just wish i could be this guy in this big suit of bulletproof armor and a gas mask and go to ferguson and just rescue people from there

I love you.

Police Threaten Al Jazeera Journalists Near Ferguson: ‘I’ll Bust Your Head’


Police Threaten Al Jazeera Journalists Near Ferguson: ‘I’ll Bust Your Head’

Al Jazeera America producer Aaron Ernst and his team were confronted by two police officers last Thursday ..

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I’ve seen a good amount of this in the Ferguson tag on here and Twitter recently: WHITE PEOPLE ARE (THIS), WHITE PEOPLE ARE (THAT)!

Yes, some of us are, but what you are doing is called generalizing. That’s the same thing those racist assholes in the news are doing. They’re judging a person’s character based on their skin color.

I’m not going to try and pretend this isn’t a racial issue, but this also isn’t a blacks vs. whites issue. This is an us (whatever ethnicity that may entail) vs. the ignorant, bigoted assholes who are suppressive and cruel.

Please, don’t alienate your allies.

Generalizations are complete crap. A commenter on this post once again has proven that.